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Anton Korobov will play our open!!

Former World Cup semi-finalist and member of the national team of Ukraine, Anton Korobov will participate in our blitz and rapid chess tournaments.

With an blitz elo of 2782 and a rapid chess elo of 2750 he is a huge rating favourite for both tournaments


GM Loek Van Wely is the invited player

Early bird GM Loek van Wely tops the entry list.

Former top 10 player, winner of numerous tournaments, last in date the 2017 dutch championship, KingLoek is also known for being an expert in faster time controls . GM van Wely will compete in both the Blitz and the Rapid tournament.



During the blitz tournament there will be the usual choice of sandwiches, "croque-monsieur" and snacks on sale. 

On sunday,  our partner hotel will propose a catering service. There will be the choice between "Bouchée à la reine" and the vegetarian option "poêlée asiatique". If you didn't order lunch during your registration, you can still do it by mailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Proudly presentig our flyer which will be distributed on national and international tournaments during the next months:

Blitz Tournament

Blitz tournament on 23.09.2017

As a warmup to the Raiffeisen Rapid Chess Open, we will play a blitz tournament (3 minutes plus 2 seconds) on saturday. The tournament will be FIDE rated.

The guranteed prize fund is 500€.

 Start of the tournament is 14h30, you can register either through the site or prior to the blitz tournament. Please confirm your presence for 14h15.

The play modus will depend on the number of participants. We plan to play 13 rounds.